Graveyard of Trees

Graveyard of Trees is my own take on one of the many aspects of the severe cyclonic storm, Amphan, the strongest of its likes to hit West Bengal in over two centuries.The visual story is the photographic representation of my own personal feelings regarding what I saw and how I felt on witnessing the fallen trees in my own locality and within my University Campus, the despair that came with the death of the trees that I had known for long, together with the humble hopes that formed from following the relentless hard-work of certain organisations towards trying to restoring trees,which still had life in them.
A more insightful photo story on this topic is available on  Visura
The detailed photo-journal is available online at the New Journalist Magazine 

  • Trembling


    Violent shaking of the trees dislodged nests and numerous birds were rendered homeless. Branches snapped and surroundings were strewn with leaves and smashed fruits as West Bengal faced the wrath of Amphan, the strongest cyclone to hit its coast in over two centuries.

  • Graveyard of Trees

    Graveyard of Trees

    Branches of a fallen tree, cut down, and labelled for records.

  • Dying


    A fallen tree, slowly losing the green cover of leaves.

  • A Shoulder of Support

    A Shoulder of Support

    A partially uprooted tree leans against a building, which has prevented it from falling.

  • Efforts at Rebirth

    Efforts at Rebirth

    Efforts at restoring trees, which showed promise of life. Arranging for heavy machinery and manpower amidst the pandemic, was a challenge in itself. With organisations like Biloopto standing up to it with dedication and hard work, the flames of hope are rekindled.

  • The Allies

    The Allies

    Man and machine work towards re-birthing a tree, a celebration of how technology can actually be an ally.

  • The Promise of Life

    The Promise of Life

    A restored tree grows new leaves and with it, hopes of a new life.

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