Days in Lockdown

The World looks different over the anxious days of lock-down, as the COVID-19 pandemic rages like wildfire around the globe. Being confined within the perimeters of home, with ample time to explore, opened up possibilities and new ways to look at the very place I've been staying at for over 20 years now. Compiling this project was challenging, be it mastering the techniques or composing the shots that complemented the narrative. It was also an extremely intricate learning process- the urge to find new perspectives and analogies and continuous striving to recognize the striking patterns and unique moments, hiding amidst the mundane chores.

My work revolves around the day to day activities, while trying to find the greater manifestation, hidden amongst those. It is all about how the lights fall, about the shadows they cast and about bringing forth the stories, within, which often go unheard.

Excerpts from this project have been internationally published by the Lens Magazine and Black and White Photography Magazine.

  • Caught In Chaos

    Caught In Chaos

    The global lock-down is presently being associated with an apparent calm and yet we all understand how chaotic the situation is. The World standing at a standstill, jeopardizes a lot of lives and perhaps a greater crisis awaits, even after the pandemic subsides. A long wait shall ensue, before normalcy is restored.

  • The Windows

    The Windows

    Hours are spent by the windows, looking at the outside world and sometimes within our very own selves- facing the fears, the insecurities and the apprehension of the uncertain days ahead.

  • Confined


    My grandfather often talks of how important it is to build a fixed routine for oneself, especially when  entire days are  to be passed at home and the chains of external duties grow loose. My grandmother cooks, while he exercises, as I slowly come to realize that staying indoors is a battle, tougher than what it apparently looks like.

  • The Wings of Freedom

    The Wings of Freedom

    The world, which we had been taking so much for granted, seems to be so far way and we suddenly miss the wings, we never knew we had.

  • The Free Souls

    The Free Souls

    The secret door to a happy world of flowers and joy opens through the children, even if for a moment, taking us far from the war we are currently standing amidst.

  • The Rooftops

    The Rooftops

    A little girl plies between her parents, as does the shuttle cock. Busy schedules, the lack of quality time with family, the loneliness amongst the youngest generation- a lot many diseases seem to be slowly being fixed, as this lock-down situation forces us to re-evaluate our choices.

  • The Everyday Guest

    The Everyday Guest

    Long months at home, helps rejuvenate the existing relationships as much as it fosters new friendships with everyday visitors, we had so far ignored. 

  • Daily Chores

    Daily Chores

    With the domestic helps being voluntarily allowed paid leaves, my father has taken upon himself a bit of the daily chores allowing my mother a some more time at her office work. My mother never had to ask and my father never had to hear her say : more than two decades of togetherness perhaps sets up magical means of communication.

  • Reflecting on Self

    Reflecting on Self

    The tough times have always served to be the time to reflect upon our own selves and this global pandemic raises the obvious questions, that have long been neglected. 

  • The Lights and the Shadows

    The Lights and the Shadows

     Ignoring that the shadows under the bright lights, would only mean that the darkness grows in strength, while we do nothing to fight them back.

  • Into the Light

    Into the Light

    As we all go through this phase together, we perhaps develop a better sense of togetherness and hope that this pandemic shall raise a more socially responsible generation and perhaps that is the only way into the light. 

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